The Wolverine…

69109_10152212515930582_103363687_n wolverine_ver7 wolverine_ver8 wolverine_ver14 wolverine_ver12 wolverine_ver13 wolverine_ver9 wolverine_ver10 the wolverine 2013wolverine wolverine_ver18 wolverine_ver3 wolverine_ver4 wolverine_ver6 wolverine_ver15

I haven’t seen it yet… but I have seen some scenes… from the trailers in the cinema from youtube… and based on what I have read, there were a lot of positive reviews about it and there were some mixed as well… one of these days I’m gonna catch it I hope… the Wolverine is still showing in the cinemas, cineplexes, 3D as well… and don’t forget to catch the mid-credit scene at the end… it’s a pre-cursor to the much anticipated movie X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014…

Finally I have seen it… my take on it is on the “My Movie Date” page… but what the heck

I still wanna update this post with this cool poster… enjoy…


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