The Family (Malavita) this fall…

family family_ver3 family_ver4 family_ver5 family_ver6 family_ver7

The Family (a.k.a. Malavita) is a 2013 English-language French film co-written by Tonino Benacquista and directed by Luc Besson, starring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, and Dianna Agron. The film follows a mafia family under the witness protection program that want to change their lives. The film is based on the novel Malavita (Badfellas for 2010 English translation) by Tonino Benacquista. The film was initially set to be released by Relativity Media for October 18, 2013. According to Box Office Mojo, the film’s release date had been changed to September 20, 2013. The film’s release date was revised for a third time to September 13, 2013. 

family_ver2 family_ver8 

family_ver9 family_ver10


A mafia boss and his family are relocated to a sleepy town in France under the witness protection program after snitching on the mob. Despite the best efforts of CIA Agent Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones) to keep them in line, Giovanni Manzoni (Robert DeNiro), his wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and their children, Belle (Dianna Agron) and Warren (John D’Leo) cannot help but revert to old habits and blow their cover by handling their problems the “family” way, enabling their former mafia cronies to track them down.



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