My Movie Date

Me and my take on the movies that I’ve seen,  Hollywood and Local (Filipino) films …

how I feel about it … not trying to be a critic though or too critical since I’m not…

just enjoying it as an ordinary person like you…

and feeling the excitement and the magic of the films in the theaters … where it should be watched..

you can also like their FB pages and visit their websites… for more updates on upcoming movies internationally and locally…

you can buy regal films movies at :

Movie date Maleficent Movie date XmenDays

Movie date Amazing Spiderman2 moviedate03272014

Pompeii Starting

Bride  Pagpag01092014B

MMFF13  Hunger 2

blackcove moviedate 10312013 Thor

scifimovies KAss2

Wolvie Percy PacificRim worldZ Man of steel im3 DKRises hunger skyfall under4 JCM avengers movie date resmuvidate resmuvidate2 wrath sinister Clash of the Titans tix 1Sht (Page 1) captain movie date legion GL cheesiness... percy in time saltbattle thor movie date ironman prince movie date eastwood expendables immortals ghost star avatar constantinetix spiderM T3 movie date hp7.2 hp7.1 himala120812 housedate tiktik the strangers mmff12 one more try shake segunda no other 1 praybeyt dalaw tanging panday

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